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2009 Guest Country : Sweden
By Curator & Photographer Sookyoung Huh

Magnus Bärtås

Born in 1962 in Jonkoping, Magnus Bärtås lives and works in Stockholm. He is a professor of the Department of Fine Art, Kostfack(University of Art. Crafts and Design) and has been represented at ModernaMuseet, Stockholm, The Art Museum of Norrköpings, The Art Museum of Jönköping, The Governments Arts Council, The Arts Council of Stockholm. He has shown his work in various film & art festivals, and in solo exhibitions and group shows across the Europe and USA

Satellite-Skopje, 69×72cm, 2000 ⓒ Magnus Bärtås

Satellite-Warzaw, 69×72cm, 2000 ⓒ Magnus Bärtås

Anna Clarén

Anna Clarén was born in 1972, Lund, Sweden. She studied at the Nordic school of Photojournalism in Stockholm. Anna Clarén has had numerous publications as a photojournalist and an artist including: <SvenskaDagbladet>, <F>, <Motiv> and <Forum Hasselblad>. Anna Clarén also published her own books “Puppy Love 2009”, and “Holding 2006” which was awarded ‘The Best Swedish Photography Book of the Year 2006’. She is head of the Nordic School of Photojournalism, Stockholm..

Holding nr.3, 60×60cm ⓒ Anna Clarén

Holding nr.9, 60×60cm ⓒ Anna Clarén


Trinidad Carrillo

Trinidad H. Carrillo Bielich was born in 1975. She lives and works between Sweden and Peru. She studied at School of Photography Gothenburg University and the Photography Institute, Lima. She has had numerous exhibitions in both Europe and South America including: <Braiding>(Revolver Gallery, Lima), <Braiding>(Malmö Galleri Format), <Instabilt>(Kulturhuset, Stockholm). She has published “Braiding” and “Naini and the Sea of Wolves” which was awarded ‘The Swedish Photography book of the year in 2008’.

:Trinidad Carrillo Bielich, Untitled, C-print, 50×50cm, 2001 ⓒ Trinidad Carrillo

Trinidad Carrillo Bielich, Untitled, C-print, 70×70cm, 2007 ⓒ Trinidad Carrillo


Mattias Olofsson

Mattias Olofsson was born in Skelefteå, 1973 and currently lives and works in Umeå, Sweden. He graduated from Department of Art History and Philosophy, University of Umeå. He has had various exhibitions and performance shows: <Kung och fosterland>(The City Hall of Stockholm, Sweden), <Blessed Pope>(the Vatican, Rome), <Born free>(Namara-Wayasewa, Fiji), <Swedish hart>(Moderna museet, Stockholm), <Rightfully Yours>(Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Toronto, Canada).
He is a member of the Verkligheten board, an artist-run gallery and project room in Umeå and working on project with Wasa City at Platform Wasa, Finland.

Culture Constructing Nature, 70×100cm ⓒ Mattias Olofsson

Culture Constructing Nature, 70×100cm ⓒ Mattias Olofsson


Emma-Lina Ericson

Emma Lina Eriksson was born in Norrköping and lives and works in Umeå, Sweden. She works with various mediums including photography, performance, music and video installation. Emma Lina Eriksson graduated from the Academy of Fine Art, Umeå University and also studied at Hanoi University of Fine Art, Vietnam and the Gerlesborgskolan in Stockholm. She has exhibited her work in many places including: <Östgöta eller ej?>(Norrköpings Konst Museum>, <Round Trip: Into the Garden of My Mind>(Gana Forum Space, Seoul), <White Box Black Box>(Skellefteå Konsthall). She recently had a musical piece <Concordia>(Ropa-rum for Konst, Stockholm).

Constantly I find myself led up the garden by flowers I thought of as my own No.1, 60×85cm, 2005 ⓒ Emma-Lina Ericson

Constantly I find myself led up the garden by flowers I thought of as
my own No.4, 105×83cm, 2005 ⓒ Emma-Lina Ericson


Helena Wikström & Gerd Aurell

Helena Wikström was born in 1964, Tingsryd. She lives and works in Holmsund, Sweden. Helena Wikström graduated from the Nordic Art School in Karleby, Finland. She is a visual&installation artist and a member of the artist-run gallery ‘Verkligheten’, Umeå. She has had various exhibitions: <Zeichnung depicted>(Kunstverin INGAN e.V. Berlin), <Translation>(Barents Spektakel, Kirkenes, Norway), <Pleasures from Sweden>(BWA gallery, Bydgoszcz, Poland), In 2006 Helena Wikström spent three months in Burma in a nifca-residence. Gerd Aurell was born in Karlstad and lives and works in Holmsund, Sweden. GerdAurell teaches Aesthetics at Umeå University, provides gallery representation for the Stefan Andersson Gallery. She is a member of the artist-run gallery ‘Verkligheten’, Umeå. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions including: <International Language>(Holter Museum of Art, USA), <Open>(The Hanoi Academy of Fine Arts, Vietnam), <Portrait in Painted Landscape>(Vilhelmina/Kyoto International Art Exhibition, Sweden/ Japan).

Johanna Grönlund with her dog Ozzy, 100×100cm, 2007 ⓒ Helena Wikström & Gerd Aurell

Daniel Eriksson and Conny Hagman with skis and a snow board, 100×100cm, 2007 ⓒ Helena Wikström & Gerd Aurell


Joakim Sundkvist

Joakim Sundkvist was born in Stockholm, 1970. He is graduated from KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm and lives and works in Umeå. He works as a project manager and system developer but has a long photographic background-his father is a vintage camera collector, as well as a photographer himself. Joakim Sundkvist was awarded the photographer of the year in 2006/2007 by Umeå photo club and has several nominations in national and regional photo salons. He has published his photos many times in the newspapers and photo magazines.

Att släcka törsten/Quench thirst, 50×75cm, 2008 ⓒ Joakim Sundkvist

Cowgirl, 50×75cm, 2008 ⓒ Joakim Sundkvist


Aida Chehrehgosha

Aida Chehrehgosha started her photographic career as a photo journalist in 1998. She studied photography at Kulturama in Stockholm, Sweden. Thereafter she went to Konstfack(University of Art, Craft and Design) in Stockholm, Sweden. She has exhibited her work at the Wetterling Gallery, Konstfack and at the Hasselblad center in Gothenburg and in many other places. Aida Chehrehgosha has worked as an art buyer at two different magazines an currently works as a freelance photographer with both commercial and artistic projects. She is preparing two major solo exhibitions in Stockholm, April and May, 2009.

A spacehoodyssey nr3, 2007 ⓒ Aida Chehrehgosha

A spacehoodyssey nr2, 2007 ⓒ Aida Chehrehgosha


Hyun-Jin, Kwak

Born in 1974 in South Korea Kwak, Hyun-Jin lives and works in Stockholm. She graduated from Hongik University in Seoul and Konstfack in Stockholm(University of  Art, Crafts and Design). She has had various solo & group exhibitions at Kuturhuset Stockholm. Fotografins Hus, Uppsala Konst Museum. She is now preparing a solo exhibition to tour the Scandinavia and Europe. These artworks are part of her ongoing <Girls in Uniform> project.

Study of Elements 3, Lasrchrome Print Sillicon-glas Mount, 40×50cm, 2008 ⓒ Hyun-jin,Kwak

Game 2, Lasrchrome Print Sillicon-glas Mount, 110×150cm, 2006 ⓒ Hyun-jin,Kwak


Björn Larsson

Björn Larsson was born in Lund 1966 and graduated from University of Gothenburg 1992. He lives and works in Stockholm. He has had many solo and group exhibitions including: <Magnitude>(Fotografinshus, Stockholm), <Sverige och Svenskarna>(Gallery Box, Gothenburg), <Stentrollens olöstagåta> (Kulturhuset, Stockholm), He has recently published the book “In the Midst of Nature” with a text by Magnus Bartas.

In the Midst of Nature-Blue Anemones, 100×125cm, 1998 ⓒ Björn Larsson

In the Midst of Nature-Red Bunting and butterfly, 100×125cm, 1999 ⓒ Björn Larsson


Helga Härenstam

Helga Härenstam was born in 1980 and lives and works in Sweden. Helga Härenstam graduated from University of Photography, Gothenburg and also studied at Umeå University and at the Kulturama, Stockholm. She has had various solo and group exhibitions in the Europe: <Les Cheminements>(Hippolyte Studio Photographic Gallery, Helsinki), <Map of Memories>(Centre de Photographie de Lectoure/Moniter Gallery, Lectoure/Gothenburg), <Jeune crearion>(La Belleviloise, Paris), <My hometown>(Nörrkoping Konst Museum, Norrköping).

BEDROOM WITH SEARCHLIGHTS, lambda print, 30×30cm, 2008 ⓒ Helga Härenstam

PHOTOGRAPHING EACH OTHER, lambda print, 30x30 cm, 2008 ⓒ Helga Härenstam


Carl Johan Erikson

Carl Johan Erikson was born in Tingsryd, 1966. He lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. He graduated from the University of Gothenburg photography department and the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm. He has had many exhibitions in the Europe. Turkey and Egypt. Selected solo exhibitions including: <American Tank>(Galleri CFF, Stockholm, Sweden), <Fair Trial, Index, Stockholm>(Galleri Hippolyte, Helsinki), <Filand and Statement? Positionen Aktueller Kunst>(Galleri Cult, Vienna, Austria). He is also a professor at the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm.

My Leaders : 1987 Karl Errik, 70×100cm, 2008 ⓒ Carl Johan Erikson

My Leaders : 1987 Owe, 70×100cm, 2008 ⓒ Carl Johan Erikson


Ville Lenkkeri

Ville Lenkkeri was born in Oulu, Finland, 1972 and currently lives and works in Stockholm. He studied Film and Photography in Prague and London. He also graduated as BA in Photography in Prague and MA in University of Art and Design in Helsinki. He has had various exhibitions in both Europe and USA and published two books – “Reality in the Marking” (2006) and “The Place of no Roads”(2009). Selected exhibitions include: <Reality in Making>(Berlin, Frankfurt, Dresden, Tampere), <Photo Finish>(Stenersens Museum, Oslo), <Ny Nordisk Fotografi>(Hasselblad Centre, Gorhenburg) and <Ingen Mans land>(Kulturhuset, Stockholm).

Museum, 100×125cm or 125×150cm ⓒ Ville Lenkkeri

Dead Domestic Plants II, 100×125cm ⓒ Ville Lenkkeri