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2011 Invitation Artist : Bae Bien-U
By Curator & Publisher Eoun-Ho Kim

Sonamu Series SNM1A-101H, 260×135cm, Executed in 2006 ⓒ Bae, Bien-U

BRM1A-023H, 135x260cm, C-Print, 2005 ⓒ Bae, Bien-U

BRM1A-035H, 135x260cm, C-Print, 2002 ⓒ Bae, Bien-U


BRM1A-016H, 135x260cm, C-Print, 2005 ⓒ Bae, Bien-U


BRM1A-001HC, 135x260cm, C-Print, 2010 ⓒ Bae, Bien-U


BRM1A-002HC, 135x260cm, C-Print, 2010 ⓒ Bae, Bien-U


Bae Bien-u is a representative Korean photographer known worldwide for his black-and-white photographs reminiscent of ink paintings. Bae’s work features the beauty of Korea as a metaphor for his understanding of nature, narrating the nature of objects beyond their superficial images. He mainly addresses subject matter such as pine trees, the sea, the sky, oreum (a volcanic site), plants, flowers, and rocks. Exhibited at the invitational show are his black-and-white and color photographs dealing with the theme of ‘wind’. The scent, look, and traces of the wind floats over the sky and land, appearing as a pathetic resonance, affectionate warmth, and a dim longing. For the artist, the wind is a bridge between nature and man, nature and artworks.

His first solo show took place in 1982, and after that he was invited to the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum in Spain, one of the world’s top three museums, for the first time as an Eastern artist in 2006. In the same year he was commissioned by the Spanish government to take pictures of The Alhambra, a UNESCO World Heritage site. In 2010 his fine tree image was chosen for the poster of the Salzburg Festival, one of the best known music festivals in the world. He was also chosen as the representative Korean artist for C20(Culture 20) held prior to the G20 Summit Meeting, gaining a worldwide reputation on the international art stage. In 2011 he held shows around the world including Sweden, Belgium, Italy, France, and Bulgaria.